Frances Michaelson:
Naturopath & Personal Trainer

What I do

I feel that true vitality comes from what we eat, how we digest and absorb what we eat, and how we move. I am both a naturopath and personal trainer. I am available for naturopathy consultations and/or to personally train clients .
Prices for exercise programs fluctuate according to the needs of the client and if  there is travelling  involved. To help you feel comfortable about booking a consultation with me, I offer free 20 minute phone or in office meetings  where you can ask questions about my background and philosophies.

Let’s talk about health and vitality

To truly understand health, one must think from a cellular level, as at any given time we have 73 trillion cells working inside our bodies alongside nature. Most of us have been fed the wrong messages through the media and even from our own health care practitioners about nutrients and health. It took several years of searching and experimenting for me to appreciate and understand homeostasis (balance), in our bodies and how to maintain that for optimal health and vitality.

The body is always striving to maintain homeostasis. On the ph chart, we translate this to maintaining a ph of 7.4 alkaline. When the blood becomes too acidic (from eating the wrong foods, lifestyle, stress), symptoms occur giving us signs that balance is off. As naturopaths, these are the signs that we pay close attention to, and react accordingly. Our goal is to keep the body in balance (homeostasis).

Homeostasis is the process by which the body attempts to maintain a state of stable physiological balance. The body needs to maintain homeostasis in order to stay alive. If you take a psychoactive drug, your body may attempt to bring itself back into this physiologic balance, and this may create a rebound effect.
By Elizabeth Hartney, Guide

Our bodies are very intelligent. We must pay attention to the signs and symptoms of unrest that we may feel.  As a body becomes overly toxic, inflammation sets in causing symptoms of dis-comfort and dis-ease.  These are messages and warnings, not to be stifled with pharmaceutical drugs. It is only when we look for and deal with the cause of these discomforts and follow through with good nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking do we achieve and maintain health and vitality. Let’s stop talking about and treating everything from obesity to cancer. Let’s talk about health and vitality. Follow me!


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